About Yamuna Trading

We Supplies Wide Range of All Type SS(Stainless Steel), GI(Galvanized Iron), CI(Cast Iron) and BP(Black Pipe) Pipe Fitting Products. All Agricultural Pipe Fittings Products are available at Yamuna Trading, Rajkot-Gujarat.

Our Company made a very humble beginning in a small way by just incorporating a shop for trading of pipe-fitting products. But, from the very beginning we were engaged in supplying best & precise quality of product. Yamuna Trading has been established in 2011, since now we have served our prominent customers with the best quality of products. In the course of time by having a breakthrough the innovation and modern technology “Yamuna Trading” has also initiated the manufacturing of some products with our own Brand. Simultaneously, Yamuna Trading is also engaged in Supplying a wide range of SS Step Nipple, GI Step Nipple, GI Bend, BP Bend, GI Hose Bend, Submersible SS Jota, Bore Cape, MS Submersible Clamp, SS Reduce Connector Nipple, SS/GI Reduce Barrel Nipple Full Circle and Agricultural Pipe Fittings Products.

With our wide-ranging experience in diverse material of SS, GI, & Casting forged and fabricated products, we choose the most appropriate manufacturer based on their quality of work and with instant delivery. For us, selecting the most suitable manufacturer is in prime importance. Since each manufacturer has their own niche, they are setup to deliver the most competitive solution for your specific requirements. Our fundamental goal is to create a seamless process where our expertise R&D team selects the most suitable manufacturing unit for the business.

We specialize in procuring custom manufactured top quality castings, forgings and fabrications from our established and reputed manufacturers in India. We wisely select the manufacturer; only on the basis of testing and using their product. These are manufacturers who can provide us with consistent supply & consistent quality products each and every time.